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Creative Minds is an American-Canadian company that was owned by Starlight Entertainment for 20 Years, In September, It will be rebranding to be made into their own preschool entertainment company, Focusing primarily on original preschool brands, Creative Minds' Brand Campaign will first be introduced online at it's rebranded website and then to viewers everywhere in front of the release of Painterfly and the Rainbow Paintbrush, Creative Minds has 4 Divisions Now:


Best Known For Making The Fluttergirl and Princess Matilda Educational Videos and Original Educational Videos,

It makes educational videos focusing on School, Math, Science, Social Studies, Economics, And much more,

Creative Minds itself distributes the products, Even when the program is supposed to be on PBS or Showtime


Creative Minds Interactive is the preschool computer gaming division of Creative Minds as it still continues it's first era by making computer games, It's logo is a defacto of the Creative Minds Current Logo and can be seen on My Day with Bili Lulu and other original computer games, It's new games are in the store section of PlayTown, Creative Minds Also makes video games from trusted preschool brands like The Amazing World of Gumball, PAW Patrol, Peg+Cat, Steven Universe, And coming soon, We Bare Bears and Teen Titans Go! for WayForward, D3 Go and Activision Publishing, It formerly made the muppet babies sequel game and Spongebob Squarepants: Downton Krabby, And rarely distributed Otis Writing 2015 for Blogg Interactive (Formerly Meeba Interactive).


Painterfly Studios is a newly founded company division of Creative Minds making stuff related to Painterfly and all things unrelated or is similar, Painterfly Studios recently made it's first co-production with DreamToonz Studios and Fremantle International, And will be conjuncting with Cartoon Network Studios on The Lyra Show for Cartoon Network, Premiering Thursdays in September; The studio is responsible for creating the upcoming series called Painterfly and/or her genuine alternative skinny self


Not affiliated with Hasbro Studios or Hasbro itself, Hasbro Entertainment was founded in 2015 and is responsible for making fandom tv shows that are popular today, Most of the brands include My Little Pony (Not the FiM One), Star vs. The Forces of Evil, Wander over Yonder, Uncle Grandpa, Gravity Falls, Teen Titans Go, Pickle and Peanut, Regular Show, Steven Universe, We Bare Bears and The Amazing World of Gumball; So far, We Bare Bears, Gumball, Regular Show, Uncle Grandpa and Clarence, are the only ones to feature only the production logo, Hasbro Entertainment is the one that is responsible for making the shows that have a huge fandom in life excluding Adventure Time and The then-cancelled Fairly OddParents, Sometimes, Hasbro produces shows for other fandoms for E.g Plum Landing, It also produced it's first film entitled "Rainbow Factory", The Film's Logo will make a comeback possibly on Creative Minds' Prints of Regular Show: The Movie in Regal Cinemas, And later in theaters with Evil Twilight Returns and Butchershy, Hasbro is unrelated to GoAnimate and any other fan related website material though, Sometimes, Hasbro makes stuff for G4 MLP, Commonly used on Netflix, And every time, It uses a variation jingle that plays different famous jingles from companies, This commonly was used in Sproutastic Theme Songs in the Bonus Theme Song Scenes, That might be a popular culture logo reference;

Creative Minds will continue to entertain young and old for the 21st century, As it introduces it's new rebrand across theaters everywhere, On February 1st, 2016, Kidz City will rebranded as PlayTown, And Creative Minds will operate it along with Shine Entertainment, This will likely to replace the Creative Minds Network and will move Kidz City to that channel starting December-January, All the games for the new rebranded network's website are made by the studio, As well as the Creative Minds Explore Free App Developed by Shine Digital, Not only original shows from our library, But also preschool programming from disney, nickelodeon and sprout that are acquired, Because here at Creative Minds, We Imagine, We Create, We Innovate!

P.S. Starlight Entertainment is not dissolved, It's only making films and all new episodes of Polka Dot Puppy for TBO Kids until we have the rights to the show in march, Then it will get dissolved, Then later be revived in 2018