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Starlight Entertainment is a television, american film studio and distributor that was founded in 1978 by Kiara Star and Carson Light, After they have founded Starlight Entertainment, They began to make silent films based off of their future children projects, One of the first ones being the Swirlies, The silent films however didn't show the logo of starlight entertainment, Mostly because it was only credited at the end of the film, On December 30th 1979, Kiara and Carson quit the silent filmmaking business and tried to come up with their logo of their recently founded company, Carson Light thought of maybe filming a shooting star, Kiara added text to the logo, And then on the 31st of december, 1979, They put music, On New Years Day, Starlight Entertainment was Refounded with a new logo, They attached this at the end of the 80's children's show named after the silent film "The Swirlies" And later renamed it as "The Twirlies", The Twirlies kept on from February 1980-October 1980, In November, Starlight's first movie released in theaters entitled "Twirlies Come Back", It was later aired as a network premiere on CBS all part of their special presentation, And paramount distributed the cbs airing, While walt disney pictures distributed both the disney channel and the abc airings (At a later month), Then Star and Light made quick videos they made onto the newly made short-lived website entitled, It lasted from 1982-1988, In 1988, Carson Light died, Kiara Star still remains as the co-executive producer of Madison Entertainment, In 1989, Kiara Star kept being in charge of Starlight Entertainment, And even made a documentary about Carson Light and shown it to public theaters being released by miramax films and spiral point (a short lived documentary company by Ken Spire), On Christmas Day, Star thought to herself that there needs to be a children's division, As she wants to focus on adult and teens content other than just kids stuff, So she made Starlight Interactive (Which lasted from Dec. 25th-Dec. 31st), Starlight Games was later made for only lasting one month, On February 1st, 1990, Creative Minds was born, With it's first computer game being Lily's Music Time, Creative Minds made different variants of different games, But only one had it's own custom logo, The First Creative Minds logo was bouncing letters in cgi forming the words (CREATIVE M_NDS), And the ! spinning to form the words (CREATIVE M!NDS), Each game has it's own variant except for Lily's Free Time, See more at Creative Minds, Starlight Entertainment recently done original projects like 2009's Polka Dot Puppy for TBO Kids and Kidz City, In the 90's, Starlight made a saturday morning block, games and it's own network, Later in 2000, It's kids division has a network just for itself;

Today, Starlight Entertainment is still making more movies and tv shows, In 2014, Kiara Star left Starlight Entertainment to Executive produce for her new company called Madison Entertainment.

In 2015, Starlight Entertainment was a part of Purple River Entertainment.

Later in 2016, The company will become independent